Being authentic and offering one-of-a-kind experiences is our highest priority

That’s why we offer our traditional kitchen, for those who wish to try the most authentic food of our Kichwa Otavalo community. These experiences cooking with us highlight not only our delicious food, but also the ancestral methods of its preparation. In these classes, we use only the traditional kitchen (“tulpa” fireplace) and/or the wood-fire brick oven. Additionally, we focus on the dishes that form a pivotal part of our traditional festivities, and which align with our Andean agricultural calendar, “Sumak Kawsay.”

Visitors that wish to take part in this unique experience may choose their favorite dishes to prepare according to our calendar of festivals, so that they can celebrate with us on these important dates. Although we have designed these classes in this seasonal way, we do also offer the service in other months upon special request. If you have a special preference for one of these dishes, please communicate with us in order to plan for the visit.


Cooking Lessons

    Hora "07:00 / 20:00" (requerido)

    Personas "min 02 - max 25" (requerido)

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